Must have Checklist for those Applying for air Hostess Training

To become an Air hostess is undoubtedly the dream job for anyone whose sole passion in life is to travel. It has become a dream profile,especially for young girls. Air hostess can be said to be a fun job where there are various options to enjoy. But to apply for air hostess training,you need to qualify not one but 2 sections of eligibility criteria. While one is based on your education, other is based on everything else.

You are eligible to enroll in an air hostess training institute to pursue a diploma or certificate course right after completing your high school,i.e., Class 12th. But, if you are looking to pursue a Post-Graduation Air hostess course, then you would need to initially complete your under graduation and then enroll for the training course.

It is a mandate to have a good command over English and Hindilanguage. Additionally, knowing a foreign language gives an added advantage.Apart from the above-mentioned educational qualification, there are certain other eligibility criteria which you ought to meet in order to

become an air hostess. This includes:
• Your age must not be over 18 to 26 years.
• Your marital status should be single.
• Depending on the airlines, your height must be a minimum of
• You must have a very controlled weight, i.e., proportionate to
your height.

• You must not have any history of mental illness nor should be
suffering from any major disease.
• Your complexion must be fair toned and eyesight must be
perfectly sharp.

The below-mentioned skills are also considered important but these are usually groomed by the institute where you are pursuing your air hostess training and placement from.
• Disciplined
• Presence of mind
• Patience to work for the long schedule
• Ability to handle the pressure
• Pleasing personality
• Positive attitude
• Teamwork

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