Why are Airline Cabin Crew Courses Important Before you Apply for a Cabin Crew job?

Are you just graduating from school and are passionate about traveling? Do you aspire to become an airline cabin crew and live that glamorous life they seem to embrace?

Here is all you need to know before you decide upon it:

From the various airline cabin crew courses, you could pursue to the elementary qualifications airline companies require you to meet when you apply.Certainly, airline cabin crew is a fantastic job to have, the cabin crew staffs appear to have such fancy lives, however; the job itself isn’t as easy as one assumes it to be. It takes a lot of hard work, enthusiasm, and dedication. More often than not air hostesses have to endure uneasy working conditions, relatively low remuneration, irate passengers and unsociable hours.

Make yourself eligible:

Just by having a very pleasing personality or an impressive resume isn’t enough to be hired as an airline cabin crew, there are certain mandatory criterions you need to fulfill.These criteria differ from airline to airline based upon their company policy. So make sure your resume and assessment day performance matches the requisites of the airlines you wish to be a part of.

Let your age not hinder your passion:

You are eligible to apply for any domestic airlines right after your high school itself.Young applicants have an advantage of higher stamina and energy as compared to anyone above their age. But if you wish to be a part of long-haul international airlines, you are required to be at least 21 years of age, purely for legal reasons since you will be required to serve liquor on board. Being 21 years and above also gives you an added wealth of knowledge and experience. In short, Airlines would be considering you based on your merits and not your number.

Work on having a strong customer care experience:

Having a hands-on experience in dealing with customers is exactly the kind of work experience airline recruiters would be looking for. So make sure you work your way towards building a strong customer service resume. If you were previously working as a hotel staff, a cruise ship steward, or as an airport ground staff, your possibility of being considered is higher.

Groom yourself to your best form:
Talking about physical appearance, height is one of the major criteria airline companies focus on.

In most airlines, your height and weight should be perfectly proportionate:
Male: height – 165 cm. weight -68 to 82 kg.
Female: height -160 cm weight – 58 to 70 kg.
You need to be physically strong enough to open emergency exits yet slender move freely in those narrow aisles.

After reading through, you are bound to have a clear picture of how things would be for you once you take up a job as an airline cabin crew. Still, if you’re really serious about your decision of becoming an air hostess, invest a little bit of your time and effort to find the best Aviation cabin crew courses around you, enroll yourself to it. Since most of these institutions have placement calls at the end of the curriculum, it would be easier for one to land on their dream jobs.

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